Anchoring an image to the skin

From concept to sketch: invention, appropriation and improvisation for tattoo designs

Wednesday 16 of August, 16.00 – 20.00 h

The tattoo can be understood as a trace of time, its significance can be diffuse or random, but always associative, its stroke being an open and unfinished sign, is composed through the external gaze, it is an object always susceptible to be appreciated or read, as a stain or manifesto, memorial artifact, talisman or proclamation.

In this workshop we will seek to land ideas in images that can be built from our own pulse, an abstract composition in its anatomical relationship, the appropriation of existing images, or the reinterpretation of shapes, figures, textures or symbols.

Make your own tattoo design, from scratch. Bring your concerns, sketches or references, turn that idea into a unique stroke.

The workshop will be guided by @_la.tora_ (Jenny Toro) visual and tattoo artist from Colombia.


  • Table and chairs
  • White sheets,
  • Parchment or transparent paper,
  • Carbon paper,
  • Old magazines, illustrated encyclopedias, illustrated material, that can be cut and scratched out
  • 2B pencils
  • Color pencils (yellow, red)
  • Rotrings